Museum of Fine Arts

I spent a weekend in Boston which is where I am currently working.  I wanted to go to the Museum of Fine Arts since it is has paintings on my 1,001 paintings list.  

I arrived around 2:30 pm to a line outside of the museum to get in.  It took over a half hour.  The reason we were given is that there were a number of events for the Persian new year.  I find it hard to believe that there was a big event starting 2 hours prior to the close of the museum...so, if that is the case, the line was carry over from earlier in the day.  Once I got up to the cash register, they did not even have all of them up and running!

I saw the greatest hits.  They do have some beautiful art.  I did not understand though some of where they had queues. E.g. I wasn't allowed to get up close to these two paintings since they had some time capsule opening.  I don't understand why you would block off two of your top paintings.

I did think their Egyptian art was quite beautiful...

...as well as their Buddahist and Hindu art collections

Generally though -- quite difficult to overlook that it took 30 minutes to get into the museum.  It basically reduced my time in the museum by 33%.  I have had shorter lines at the Musee d'Orsay and the Louvre.  I don't quite understand how that happens...

Time in museum: 1.5 hrs plus another 30+ minutes waiting in line
Times visited: 1
Overall: B


Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Our first day back in Buenos Aires, Jason and I went adventuring walking through town.  I wanted to check out the art museum.  We head to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.  

The museum has a variety of different art work with some of the greats, modern Argentinian art, and some special exhibits.  Admission was free, which was great, obviously, and especially, since about half of the museum is under construction.  

We quickly bopped into the museum.  I liked their usual exhibits -- they were generally fine.  Some of the signage was in English and I was surprisingly able to translate a decent amount of the Spanish to English.  Or at least, I think I was able to translate!

The most interesting part of the museum was the new exhibit, The Fatal Seduction - Erotic Imagery of the 19th Century.  I mean, hard to top that!  It has a few different sections of the exhibit.  One of the sections was on rape in art.  I wish I had been able to translate more of the description of that piece of the exhibit.  

We were surprised at how warm the museum was given how many old pieces of art are in the museum.  

Time in museum: 1 hr
Times visited: 1
Overall: B


Perito Moreno Glacer in Los Glaciares National Park

The day after we arrived in South America, we flew down to El Calafate in Patagonia.  From there, we were heading to Chile to the Torres del Paine.  On our way though, we were going to drive to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park.  

The park is 1-2 hrs from El Calafate depending on how slow the car in front of you is driving!  From El Calafate, there are a number of tour buses.  We ended up driving ourselves as the rental car gave us the flexibility to arrive after our flight and also ended up being cheaper than buying four tickets on the bus.  The drive out was quite easy -- there is literally about one road out of town in that direction.

Once we arrived at the park, it was ~$23 USD per person to get in.  They accept Chilean Pesos, USD and EUR.

The glaciers have an amazing easy walkway down with just long paths.  

They are beautiful!  Please see the pictures from my iPhone -- my iPhone.  The ones from the real camera are even better!

See the ones from our cameras!

These are the steps and walkways.  It makes it so easy!

Definitely worth the stop -- it was great how easily you were able to get close to the glaciers.  It was also relatively easy to get to compared to some of our other national parks!

Time at the glacier: 2.5 hrs
Times visited: 1
Overall: A-


Museo Evita

While walking through Buenos Aires, we stopped by the Museo Evita.  It was our last day in Argentina.  The museum is nestled near all of the large parks in Buenos Aires. We were not necessarily planning on stopping, but the admission was 40 pesos or roughly $4.50 USD.  So, we figured why not?

As we were learning in Argentina, Evita is still an ever presence and influence on the culture and politics.  We were eager to learn a bit more about her life and influence.  This museum fit the bill.  It is solely about her beginning with her upbringing through her death.

It was very well done with interactive videos, artifacts, and pictures.  Enough of it was translated in English for us to understand what was going on.  It is hard to believe she was so young when she died (33) and left such a lasting impression on Argentina.  

Well worth the stop!
Time in museum: 30 minutes
Times visited: 1
Overall: A-