detroit institute of arts

a few weeks ago, my husband and i went to the detroit institute of art for a date night.  i really wanted to see the latest exhibit, samurai: beyond the sword.  i love learning about the far east.  given that i have not spent much (read: any) time in the far east of china, japan or korea, i have not been too many museums specific to the topic.

as usual, the DIA did a nice job with this exhibit.  the exhibit went by really quickly; i was amazed actually.  

the first half of the exhibit was about the warrior part of a samurai's life.  we learned about how their swords were made.  they are a truly a work of art. it can take up to a six months to make just one sword.  i cannot imagine working on a single item for that long.  we also learned about their regalia and how it was used in official parades and other engagements.

the second half was about how the samurai were actually strong carriers of the japanese culture.  it had all these pieces of art, vases and choreography.  

overall, i was so impressed.  we have had really good luck going to the exhibits on friday nights.  it was not too busy and it was such fun!

time in museum: 1 hr
times visited: 6
overall: A-


pacific science center

i was in seattle a few weeks ago to visit one of my really good friends, Jessica.  she suggested that we go to the pacific science center to see their exhibit, the photography of modernist cuisine: the exhibition.  our friends, priscilla and jen, joined us as well.  it looks like the exhibit will be traveling after this to a few different cities in the united states and then potentially heading overseas.

the museum itself is made up of separate buildings and so we quickly headed over to the building that housed the special exhibit.  the photography was pretty spectacular.  it was photographed by the chef, Nathan Myhrvold, who i recognized from his appearances on top chef!  his full cookbook costs $00+

the photographs were pretty spectacular.  to a certain extent, i almost felt like we should have been visiting the art museum to view them.  the preciseness of the images and showing how food looks in the process of cooking was so cool.  it presented food in a whole new light.  i loved his photographs of pots cut in half with the food cooking.

i was less than impressed with the rest of the museum.  it seemed a little disorganized and not kept quite up-to-date or maintained.  while we were there, they did have an exhibit of train sets.  it was quite impressive how big some of these sets were!  we were particularly impressed by a Playmobile set!

overall, the special exhibits were great, but a little more loving care could be given to some of the other exhibits.

time in museum: 2 hrs
times visited: 1
overall: B+


detroit institute of arts

over the thanksgiving break, i went with my husband, my parents and my sister to the new detroit institute of art exhibit, watch me move: the animation show.  we were very excited about it - we booked tickets about a week in advance for a 5:00 entrance on a friday.  it seemed like it was a good time to go; it was not as crowded as the exhibits sometimes are.  my husband loves pixar, which was featured on the billboards, so it was given that we were going to the show!

i was expecting more movie stills, but it was actually a large number of movie snipets ranging from the expected (disney) to old, controversial films from spain.  the exhibit was grouped into themes by different movie categories.  to watch the movies, headphones were provided.  movies were sometimes shown on loops, but other screens had just one movie showing.  literally, if you watched every movie, you could probably spend all day in the exhibit.

i thought it was a great exhibit and everyone in our random group really enjoyed it.  the DIA always manages to put on a fantastic show. 

time in museum: 1 hr
times visited: 5
overall: A-


molly brown house museum

i really wanted to visit the molly brown house.  i felt like we had been when i was in denver before and it turns out that i had!  

molly brown is the wife of a man who struck gold in the denver gold rush at the turn of the 19th century.  she went on to be a colorado congress woman and was nicknamed the "unsinkable" molly brown as she was one of the few who survived the Titanic.  

the house is a traditional Victorian built in the stylish part of town back then.  i loved how they were able to restore it using (very) old photographs of the rooms.  it was fantastic to see how they were able to find similar pieces or get them back from the estate.  

i thought the bedrooms were the most interesting.  seeing how similar they are to ours now, but also so different in some ways.  there really have been no major changes in the bathroom in over 100 years!  

i thought the shop was pretty well done too.  i ended up even getting something for my mother for christmas!

time in museum: 1 hr
times visited: 1
overall: B+