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detroit zoo

this past weekend, my boyfriend and i decided to go to the detroit zoo!  i feel like it is one of the last major museums/cultural places left in detroit that i haven't visited yet (also missing = greenfield village). 

the weather cooperated beautiful and we headed over on a sunday afternoon.  the zoo was all ready for zoo boo complete with many pumpkin vignettes.  we did the entire zoo loop.  some exhibits had definitely been upgraded since i was last at the zoo like the river otter exhibit and the lion exhibit.  

i had remembered that the last time i visited the zoo that they charge for parking.  they still do.  i will admit that it really bugs me for a few reasons.  first, it is in the middle of suburbia.  land is not exactly hard to come by.  second, public transit to the zoo is nonexistent.  of course everyone is driving.  yes, i understand they are "incentivizing" you to carpool, but really?  it just tacks on an extra $5 to everyone's group ticket.  please, just…

museum of modern art

last week, i was in new york city for a job interview.  since my flight was scheduled before i knew what time my interview was, i did have some time to kill before leaving for the airport.  my interview was basically across the street from the museum of modern art (moma), so i decided to pop into it for old time's sake.

not much has changed since last year.  i did notice that some of the paintings had been arranged like van gogh's starry night.  i think was a good move, since it did seem to help with people flow throughout the museum (my biggest moma gripe). 

henri matisse's dance is on loan until mid next year.  its location has also been moved.  it is in a much more prominent spot than it had been before.  you can actually see it now whereas before you had to know where it was to go seek it out.

i did pop out into the sculpture garden for the first time in a long time.  it was nice to get a little bit more peace and quiet.  i love that i am starting to recognize certain ar…