Cincinnati Art Museum

While my sister was here, we also headed to the Cincinnati Art Museum. She had never been and heard my mom talk about how much she liked the Art Museum here.

We started our visit out by getting brunch at the Terrace Cafe.  I had made a reservation.  I like heading there first and then going into the exhibit; I find that you miss more of the "right as it opens" crowds.

We had two missions this Saturday -- review the Burning Man and Kimono exhibits!

I was so excited to see the No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man.  As my sister pointed out, this is probably the closest either of us will ever get to it, so it was time to soak it all in.  The exhibit was spread throughout the museum, so the crowds were not too concentrated.  I had some idea what an "ethos" Burning Man was, but whoa.  It has its own rules, patches and clubs.

Some of the engineering items were very cool.  I liked the lighting elements.  This room was really cool; how they used light and cut-outs.

You could actually climb into into one of these.  They were made with metal and fell into the category of "bring gifts."

This bike is used to get around the festival site.

They also festival armour with serious futuristic vibes.  They were interesting mixes of weather coverage for the hot days and cold nights with harsh winds.  

We also headed to the latest exhibit, Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style.  I got tickets with my museum membership.  We picked them up when we arrived.  The exhibit focuses on the evolution of the kimono from ~1800 to now.  The premise is basically the start of when Japan opened up to the outside world and the fashion of the kimono was exposed to western civilization.  I was impressed by how much of the collection was actually the Cincinnati Art Museum's fashion.  They had some gorgeous Coco Chanel pieces.  You could see how the kimono sash influenced a number of the dresses.  The embroidery and motifs also heavily influenced Europe and American fashion.  They even had modern couture -- Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and Iris van Herpen (whose work has been shown before at CAM -- I recognized this right away!).    Unfortunately no photos allowed!

Time in museum: 2.5 hrs
Times visited: 11
Overall: B+


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